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Our managed discretionary account advisers can help set your investment program in closer alignment with your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Professional investment managers actively manage our managed account multi-asset model portfolios following each MDA investor’s investment program. We can tailor MDA portfolios to your unique circumstances.
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Take Advantage Of Our MDA Portfolio Services Through Our Existing Managed Account Agreements Supported By Professional Wealth Management Experience.

Accessible support and flexible investment services made simple for our Private Wealth clients.


What Are MDAs?

Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDAs) offer a unique portfolio legal structure allowing advisers and/or financial institutions to trade on behalf of clients at a discretionary level on selected model portfolios. The term discretionary refers to the ability of the MDA provider to autonomously buy or sell securities (stocks, bonds, managed funds, etc) on the client’s behalf according to the previously agreed upon investment mandate of the client’s account. The PPO MDA program through our partners promotes efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple authorities in order to rebalance portfolios via tactical or strategic asset allocation. This structure allows practices and advisers to plug into and utilise the MDA designation of PPO via a service agreement.

Who Can Use An Managed Discretionary Account?
An MDA can be created for any legal structure or client type, such as an individual, a self-managed super fund, family trust or a company account.
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At The Center Of Our Offering Is A Robust End-To-End Process We Manage With You To Provide Ongoing Investment Management Support And Updates To Maximise Mutual Outcomes.

We assist our clients and advisers to integrate and transition portfolios into an efficient structure whereby clients can operate model portfolios according to their investment mandate without the hassle of constant interference of a client’s busy schedule.

With model portfolios constructed with specific investor’s objectives in mind, our wealth management arm organises regular Investment Committee meetings- ensures risk metrics and asset allocation is closely monitored and rebalanced to minimize risk relative to the agreed targeted asset allocation.

Adviser and Client BENEFITS:

The client or entity remains the beneficial owner of all holdings within the MDA and has complete transparency over the investment. Although the agreed investment mandate allows the MDA operator discretion when managing the account, the client still has full discretion over the investment program to be implemented via the MDA.


* Simplify and scale the buying/selling process, compliance tasks and administrative work.

* Free up and shift more resources to supporting client management and value-adding activities.


* Ability to use a wide range of regulated platforms.

* Regular reporting for clients, including tax reporting.


* The client delegates the management of the portfolio to the adviser which is derived from the chosen Investment Manager. 

* The holdings are monitored and adjusted according to your investment program.


+ Ability to invest in exclusive investment funds which usually have very large minimum contributions (in excess of $500k).

+ Hassle free and active account management with instantaneous response to market conditions.

+ Platform access offering visibility of account with administrative convenience.

+ Investment flexibility with a choice of portfolios according to the client’s risk profile.

+ Access to a number of asset classes and geographies resulting in a more diversified portfolio.

+ Combining assets with low correlation to other asset classes resulting in a higher risk adjusted return.

Advisers can also implement an Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) and/or Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) overlays into the model portfolios. This allows the client to feel comfortable with their final model portfolio. MDA’s are regulated by ASIC via RG179 and meet such conditions under the Corporations Act 2001.
We are here to provide you with insights and guidance. Our simplified new way to asset management is to stay connected and supportive via our private wealth clients access portal to create positive client experiences in a manner that promotes transparency and accountability.
Our clients benefit from equity capital markets opportunities such as IPOs, capital raising, and placements, ongoing research, and excellent execution and distribution services.
Our Private Wealth advisers provide daily recommendations on equities and options and can provide general advice and discretionary equities advisory services to investors looking for both income generation and growth portfolios.
As a client, you can benefit from gearing advice to increase your equity and placement in a range of investment offerings including shares, property-based assets, high-yield private debt investments, and also improve your after-tax investment returns.


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