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The Corporate Services Executive team at PPO have the commercial experience and the insight to offer our clients the technical expertise required to facilitate their transactions and keep them ahead.

Unmatched Opportunities And Performance

Our Corporate Offering Provides Extensive Access To A Wide Range Of Investment Management Solutions, Including Private Market And Private Debt Opportunities, IPOs, Placements, Capital Raising, And A Variety Of Ad Hoc Corporate Services. Our Comprehensive Approach To Corporate Finance Ensures Our Clients Can Access The Resources They Need To Achieve Their Financial Objectives.

Our Capabilities

Our Comprehensive Solutions Across Key Sectors Are Designed To Enhance The Efficiency Of Financial Advisers And Practice Managers. By Streamlining Advice And Investment Management Processes, We Help Our Clients Scale Their Businesses With Ease.

Financial advisers and practice managers looking to grow through M&As can be guided by our specialist team on the end-to-end process on key strategic and financial issues including financial and legal due diligence and report, debt and equity financing, investment management, restructuring, and financial technology to best navigate their practices after an acquisition or a merger.

Our fee-for-service investment management and customisable wealth management solutions can be tailored for the advisers or practices who need that extra hand with portfolio construction and management. Given that we are experienced advisers and wealth managers, we are always sharing knowledge and experiences within our exclusive community so our advisers can focus more on caring for their clients. Contact our distribution team and find out how we can help you expand your service offering to implement an investment management arm with research and professionally managed investment management capabilities.

PPO can assist with the purchase and sale of any shares- Australian Shares, International Shares, ETFs, LICs, and others. With our extensive range of offerings and exposure to multiple platforms and investment technologies, shares executions can be completed for our advisers on the ASX and other developed and emerging markets exchanges.

In partnership with New Quantum, we partner with our advisers to bring ideas, insight, technology, research, and investment services to transform their businesses to better service clients in the long term. With a simplified new approach to advisory, investment management and compliance, we empower advisers to navigate the challenges of today and harness the opportunities of today and tomorrow.

PPO private market investment opportunities can offer advisers with HNW investors a different way of driving value from their overall portfolio outside the publicly traded markets. With private asset placements, we can actively manage the investment risk and focus on delivering significant performance on an absolute and risk-adjusted return basis over the long term. Private market investments (PMIs) include private real assets like infrastructure, healthcare and property projects, FinTech, Technology, and private debt funds.

Additional Services & Access:

  • Choice of Cash Management Accounts (CMA) 
  • Spread of Professional Investment Managers (in-house investment managers)
  • Professionally Managed Portfolios 
  • Unlimited access to Shares and ETFs across established and emerging global exchanges, including the ASX.
  • Personalised Managed Accounts 
  • 24/7 digital access and regular reporting of investment holdings, performance, tax positions, and corporate actions.

Domestic and International Portfolios

Working with proprietary global investment platforms, PPO provides clients easy and unlimited access to the Australian and international equities markets and ETFs across major global exchanges, including the ASX. 

Securities Trading

The trading team at PPO consists of highly experienced equities advisers specialising in mid-tier and large-cap companies on the ASX. In this specialised area, PPO  operate derivatives strategies, including equity and index options that generate income and provide hedging for portfolios and speculation.  

Equity Capital Markets (ECM)

The PPO team has assisted listed and unlisted companies in raising capital through private equity and placements.


Corporate Services

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Understand The Market
Our core services and depth of experience extend to securities and derivatives, international portfolios, equity capital markets, alternative assets, private debt, and capital advisory services.
Build People's Dreams

Our broader service offerings have been designed after testing strategies, not products. As a client, we’ll provide 24/7 access and regular reporting.

Understand Asset Classes

Exposure to the major asset classes, including equities, fixed interest, ETFs, managed accounts, managed funds, alternative investments, property-based assets (direct/managed funds), private debt investments, and portfolio management.

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