Forward-Thinking Ideas And Progressive Research Output

Our dedicated Global Investment Research team produces insightful research materials ensuring our investment managers are well equipped to best support the information needs of our private wealth investors, corporate and institutional clients with reliable data to stay ahead.

Progressive Partnerships

Advance Your Research Data Utilising The Services Of Our Progressive Global Investment Research Partners​

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We work in partnership with advisers, corporates, and institutional clients to add value to their research houses, investment management offerings, and advice processes
Comprehensive Research, Software And Investment Tools

PPO works with specialist financial technology and software providers to enhance the capabilities of our customisable investment platforms and research tools.

PPO can set our nominated platforms to help advisers, corporates, and institutions increase efficiency, manage compliance, and scale. In assisting you with our improved solution, we bring combined expertise in funds management, investment management, portfolio construction, equities capital markets, private market placements, private equity, and corporate finance.

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Get The Most From Our Diversified Offering And Open API-Integrated Partnered Solutions

In partnership with specialist investment, risk, and platform providers, PPO provides superior financial technology to support advice, trade execution, and investment management services with real-time data feed and integration.

Advisers & Practice Benefits:

Portfolio Management

Administrative burden & cost reduced:

  • Gain valuable insights into your clients’ assets & deliver quality advice with confidence.
  • Superior wealth management tools built to increase client engagement
  • Easy-to-use tools & API designed to enhance your advice process
  • Achieve operational Efficiency with a live feed of financial data on investment holdings & transactions.
  • Live data capturing for admin & financial planning documents automation
  • Bank-level encryption safeguarding investors & practice
  • Unmatched compliances tools & systems in line with industry best practice

Corporate & Institutions:

Institutional Broking

End-to-end workflow simplified:

  • Open API eco-system you can integrate for a real-time data feed to make timely decisions and maintain business operations.
  • Connect to our integrated platforms, research and investment execution tools and share our expertise with your organisation and clients.
  • Bank-level Security & Encryption Technology to protect data, gain a holistic picture and Scale.
  • 24/7 platform access and Australia based specialist support team
  • Reduce time spent on products research, investment modelling and advice generation with one-click systems request. 

Client Benefits:

Investment Management

Transparency & Accountability:

  • 24/7 access, real-time data feeds from platforms, funds, superannuation, risk providers, property assets, and banks.
  • Deliver advanced reporting, trading, and execution services to investors. 
  • Easy access to advisers and ability to submit a request to adviser or schedule own meeting.
  • Able to update position to keep records up to date.
  • Regular update of net asset position and asset allocation. 



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Our core services and depth of experience extend to securities and derivatives, international portfolios, equity capital markets, alternative assets, private debt, and capital advisory services.
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Our broader service offerings have been designed after testing strategies, not products. As a client, we’ll provide 24/7 access and regular reporting.

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Exposure to the major asset classes, including equities, fixed interest, ETFs, managed accounts, managed funds, alternative investments, property-based assets (direct/managed funds), private debt investments, and portfolio management.

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